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Welcome to Now Have Your Say's discssion area. This is where you the member can have a dialogue with other members of the scheme or communicate just Now Have Your Say.

You can discuss whatever you like about NHS Stoke on Trent, the things that have worked well and those that haven't. Or you may have an opinion about the way a service runs for example, the booking in system at your local GP surgery, and so you can use this area to find out other people's views about that and if you like, join in the online discussion.

This page gives all the members the chance to speak to one another and share experiences. Remember we want to hear about what interests you, so please feel free to put on your own discussion subject. You will be able to see your own note as you type, but please consider re-visiting the page so you can see the various blogs from other people who will be adding to it too.

Latest Discussions

NHS Services available during an emergency
[ 23 Jul 2010 ]
The number of people turning up at A&E is increasing. Why do people choose to attend A&E in preference to other services?
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Enough GP surgeries in the City?
[ 27 Mar 2009 ]
To start you off, NHS Stoke on Trent would like to find out if you think there are enough GP surgeries in the City or if they’re in the right place for you to get access to?
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